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Do you struggle each week to plan, organize, and carryout weekly tasks and duties for your family and yourself? Follow and fill in these easy templates to plan out your week, stay organized, and increase productivity.

The weekly worksheets bundle includes a weekly tasks list worksheet (available in an 8.5x11 sheet and a half sheet), 3 weekly schedule templates, a weekly errand & shopping list worksheet, weekly meal planning template, and a grocery list printable. It includes samples of the weekly tasks list worksheet and weekly errand & shopping list so you can see examples of how to create and make it productive for yourself.

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    Do you forget things? Whether it be an item at the store, signing your kid's permission slip, or bringing a book back to the church library - we all forget. We have so many thoughts racing through our brain that trying to keep track of 50 things at one time makes it difficult to remember anything. Create a weekly tasks list and schedule to stop forgetting and stay organized.